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Indian Miniatures




Seated Raja in Red On a Terrace with Idols

A Prince with Attendants Outside a Palace Under a Stormy Sky

Lady Dressed as a Prince, with Attendants and Musicians

Scenes with Worship of Vishnu

Small Erotic Painting of a Raja and His Lady Shooting at White Egrets

Maids Prepare a Consort for the Arrival of Her Lover

A Noble and His Beloved Enjoying Wine

A Noble Kneeling at the Feet of a Lady

Kuman Baghat Singh and Swamiji

The God Shri Nathji in an Alcove with Devotees

The Soothsayers Summoned to Expound Queen Trisala's Dreams

Rajput Brush Drawing with Traces of Color (2 sides)

Studies of Buffalo and Elephants












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